Breakthrough 307: Entrepreneurs is a custom program built around its participants, building a culture and providing resources to cultivate dreams into real and profitable companies.

We do this by providing entrepreneurs access to one another so they can share experiences and ideas in a format that is constructive as well as supportive. In addition to being around like-minded individuals, entrepreneurs will have ample opportunity to engage with industry professionals that work with start-up businesses helping them succeed. This group is called Breakthrough 307: Connections and they are here to coach early stage companies into success.

Depending on the company, some start-ups may need to seek out investor funding in order to get up off the ground. This is where BT307: Investors comes in. After entrepreneurs have perfected their business model and pitch with BT307: Connections, they will have the opportunity to apply to pitch their business to a 20 member panel that is looking to invest in early stage companies. This partnership fills a funding gap that many entrepreneurs fall into, as well as providing a return on investment for the investors, but most importantly bringing more jobs and economic wealth to Wyoming.

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