Attention Breakthrough 307 Entrepreneurs, it's time to get the wheels turning on this entrepreneurial ecosystem project.  Our first BT307 Entrepreneurs event will focus on the basic drivers of entrepreneurial spirit; the challenges and rewards of starting and running a business. This is not your traditional mixer!  We have designed this event to skip past the basicRead more about  The Entrepreneurial Spirit: What keeps you up at night? What gets you going in the morning?[…]

Time management is often the Achilles heel that keeps the worlds next best widget firmly housed in your garage. It is also frequently misrepresented in flashy process techniques and shiny buzz words that catch our ears and empty our back pockets. However as both a small business owner and corporate manager I've found it's equalRead more about Breakthrough 307: Time Management for Entrepreneurs[…]

As an aspiring entrepreneur you have a great idea you’re working to get off the ground. How do you convey to others why it’s so great and why they should care? The answer is “Your personal story.” No one can tell the story about your business the way you can tell it. But how doRead more about Breakthrough 307: Story Telling Event for Entrepeneurs[…]